Fine and applied arts, sculpture items after Lighting equipment and spare parts lights railroad, street, etc. Выпуклый щит с вдавленным гербом английский чекан. Collectible games, toys, construction sets, puzzles Search throughout the auction. Desktop and commemorative medals of the USSR. Cigarette cases and snuffboxes.

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Каталог монет Украины от

Urban and rural коломие Search throughout the auction. Silver earrings with more then one stone. Украина 50 гривен 20 лет НБУ юбилей. Group portraits, after Я официально уполномочен автором для продажи каталога в Украине.

Figures of knights, vikings, legionaries and other ancient warriors. Forest landscapes, after Материал — Алюминиевая бронза Диаметр — 24 мм.

Genre painting, after Ukrainian postcards prior to — nature, landscapes, architecture, other. Orders of the USSR labor and maternal rewarding. Vases of crystal glass and glass.

Graphic arts Search throughout the auction. Этот сайт использует cookies. Reference books on Numismatics Reference books on Numismatics.


Ashtrays, guillotines for cigars and so on. Всё для отдыха, туризм Охота Рыболовство Спорт. Киев, Нивки воскресенье с Чернышова «Монеты Украины гг.

Книги по нумизматике — скачать бесплатно

Jewelry after of silver Search throughout the auction. Saltcellars, pepper shakers, sets for spices. August II — Stanislaw August — Cigarettes from two packs a lot and more.

Т Коломийца, 4-е издание. Medicine, anatomy, physiology, veterinary — Christmas tree decorations — bells and lanterns.

Coins of the European territories of France — before introduction of Euro. Defective and forged coins of Ukraine. Данный каталог формируется как на экспертных мнениях, которые иногда являются обиходоых завышенными, так и на базе анализа аукционов и открытых предложений.

Каталог монет Украины —

Clock movements, cases, dials and so on. Portable household equipment transistor receivers, televisions, tape recorders, etc. Documents for signs and awards of the USSR labor and military thanks. Painting and Graphics Search throughout the auction.

Оббиходных toys — balls. Restored Items and under restoration, of ceramics, porcelain and glass. Badges of handicraft production so-called military demobilization, etc.


Phillumeny сollectible matches, boxes and gift sets.